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January 14th

[Master Class] University of South Florida - Tampa, FL

January 16th [Master Class] Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
January 18th [Master Class] University of Florida - Gainesville, FL
January 19th [Master Class] Brevard Community College - Melbourne, FL
January 27th [Master Class] Trenton State University - Trenton, NJ
January 28th [Master Class] Trenton State University - Trenton, NJ
January 30th [Master Class] Notre Dame University - South Bend, IN
February 1st [Master Class] CW Post College - Greenvale, NY
February 7th [Master Class] South Connecticut State - New Haven, CT
February 9th [Master Class] University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT
February 22nd [Master Class] Hobart & William Smith College - Geneva, NY
February 24th [Master Class] University of Rochester - Rochester, NY
February 29th [Master Class] South Hadley, MA
March 8th [Master Class] Endicott College - Beverly, MA
March 10th [Master Class] Eisenhower Hall - West Point, NY
March 12th [Master Class] University of Scranton - Scranton, PA
March 19th [Master Class] University of Akron - Akron, OH
March 21st [Master Class] University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA
March 28th [Master Class] Penn State - University Park, PA
March 30th [Master Class] Siena College - Albany, NY
April 2nd [Master Class] University of Illinois - Champaign, IL
April 4th [Master Class] University of Memphis - Memphis, TN
April 9th [Master Class] University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA
April 11th [Master Class] University of Delaware - Newark, DE
April 15th [Master Class] State University of New York at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY
April 16th [Master Class] Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
April 18th [Master Class] Queens College - Queens, NY
April 20th [Master Class] Vassar College - Poughkeepsie, NY
April 23rd [Master Class] George Washington University - Washington, DC
April 24th [Master Class] Fairfield University - Fairfield, CT
April 30th [Master Class] Poly Tech - Worcester, MA
May 2nd [Master Class] River College - Nashua, NH
May 4th [Master Class] Central Connecticut State University - New Britain, CT
May 6th [Master Class] Johnson & Whales - Providence, RI
May 16th [Master Class] Town Hall - New York, NY
September 25th [Master Class] Hofstra University - Hempstead, NY