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Greatest Hits: Volume III
1997 Columbia Records

Track List
 1. Keeping The Faith
 2. An Innocent Man
 3. A Matter of Trust
 4. Baby Grand
 5. This Is The Time
 6. Leningrad
 7. We Didn't Start The Fire
 8. I Go To Extremes
 9. And So It Goes
10. The Downeaster Alexa
11. Shameless
12. All About Soul (Remix)
13. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
14. The River of Dreams
15. To Make You Feel My Love
16. Hey Girl
17. Light As The Breeze

Length: 76:16 Minutes


Zachary Alford: Drums
Chuck Arnold: Vocals (Background)
Bob Bailey: Vocals (Background)
Clint Black: Harmonica
Niko Bolas: Recorder
Jeff Bova: Synthesizer
Michael Brecker: Sax (Tenor)
Alex Brown: Vocals (Background)
David Brown: Guitar
Thomas V. Bynes: Guitar
David Campbell: Vocals (Background)
Ray Charles: Piano, Vocals
Ed Cherney: Recorder
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
Color Me Badd: Vocals
Dom Cortese: Accordion
Ronnie Cuber: Sax (Baritone)
Schuyler Deale: Bass
Liberty DeVitto: Drums, Percussion
Kim Fleming: Vocals (Background)
Wrecia Ford: Vocals (Background)
Paul Franklin: Pedal Steel Guitar
John Gatchell: Trumpet
Jackie Gouche: Vocals (Background)
Everette Harp: Saxophone
Lonnie Hillyer: Bass
Yvonne Hodges: Vocals (Background)
Jim Horn: Horn
Dann Huff: Guitar
Joey Hunting: Guitar
Randy "The Emperor" Jackson: Bass
Jeff Jacobs: Synthesizer
Russell Javors: Guitar
Billy Joel: Accordion, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Harmonica, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Jeff Lee Johnson: Bass
Mick Jones: Vocals (Background)
Doug Kleeger: Sound Effects
Robbie Kondor: Keyboards
Danny Kortchmar: Drums, Guitar
Andy Kravitz: Percussion
Will Lee: Bass
"Hollywood" Paul Litteral: Horn
Ian Lloyd: Vocals (Background)
John Mahoney
: Keyboards
Bob Mann: Guitar
George Massenburg: Recorder
Mac McAnally: Guitar (Acoustic)
Donna McElroy: Vocals (Background)
Sammy Merendino: Electronic Percussion, Percussion
Steve Nathan: Organ
Philip Nowlam: Guitar
Dean Parks: Guitar
Shawn Pelton: Drums
Mark Rivera: Percussion, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
Chris Rodriguez: Vocals (Background)
Henry Rolling: Piano
Matt Rollings: Piano
Charles Rose: Horn
David Rosenthal: Keyboards
Marlon Saunders: Vocals (Background)
Joe Shepley: Trumpet
Frank Simms: Vocals (Background)
George Simms: Vocals (Background)
Doug Stegmeyer: Bass
T.M. Stevens: Guitar
Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
Crystal Taliefero: Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Gary Tole: Recorder
Chuck Treece: Bass
Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals (Background)
Mike Tyler: Guitar
Leanne Ungar: Recorder
Randy Waldman: Keyboards
Willie Weeks: Drums
B. David Witworth: Vocals (Background)
Trisha Yearwood: Vocals (Background)
Mona Lisa Young: Vocals (Background)

Production Credits

Michael Allaire: Assistant Engineer
Chuck Arnold: Choir Director
Peter Asher: Mixing, Percussion Sequencing, Producer
Christopher Austopchuk: Art Direction
Phillip Ballou: Choir, Chorus
Katreese Barnes: Choir, Chorus
Dana Becker: Assistant Engineer
Niko Bolas: Engineer
Dan Borris: Cover Photo, Photography
Jim Boyer: Associate Engineer, Engineer, Mixing
Steve Boyer: Associate Engineer
Tony Brown: Producer, Producer
David Campbell: Choir Arrangement, Conductor, String Arrangements
Ray Charles: Performer
Robert Charles: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Ed Cherney: Engineer
Dennis Collins: Choir, Chorus
Tim Crich: Assistant Engineer
Ian Cuttler: Art Direction
Jim DeMain: Assistant Engineer
Don DeVito: Producer
David Dickson: Associate Engineer, Associate Producer
David Dorn: Assistant Engineer
Will Downing: Choir, Chorus
Frank Floyd: Choir, Chorus
Diane Garisto: Choir, Chorus
Brian Garten: Assistant Engineer
Jason Goldstein: Assistant Engineer
Dirk Grobelny: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Jay Healy: Engineer, Mixing
John Hendrickson: Assistant Engineer
Suzanne Hollander: Assistant Engineer
Jim Horn: Horn Arrangements
Len Irish: Artwork, Inlay Photography, Photography
Jeff Jacobs: Programming, Project Assistant
Scott James: Assistant Engineer
Stephanie James: Choir, Chorus
Ted Jensen: Mastering
Billy Joel: Main Performer, Producer
Devora Johnson: Choir, Chorus
Kevin Jones: Keyboard Programming
Mel Jones: Assistant Engineer
Mick Jones: Producer
Danny Kadar: Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Curtis Rance King, Jr.: Choir Conductor
Danny Kortchmar: Producer
Nathaniel Kunkel: Engineer
Bradshaw Leigh: Associate Engineer, Engineer
Steve Lindsey: Horn Arrangements, Orchestration, Producer
Tom Lord-Alge: Mixing
John Mahoney: Keyboard Programming
Arif Mardin: Orchestral Arrangements
George Massenburg: Engineer
Doug Michael: Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Rob Mounsey: Orchestration
Justin Neibank: Engineer
Ira Newborn: Orchestra, Orchestration
Joe Nicolo: Assistant Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion Sequencing, Producer
Phil Nicolo: Engineer, Mixing
Charles Paakkari: Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Joe Pirrera: Assistant Engineer
Luis Quine: Assistant Engineer
Phil Ramone: Producer
Marlon Saunders: Choir, Chorus
Bill Schnee: Mixing
Jeff Schock: Art Direction
Ivy Skoff: Project Coordinator
Gary Solomon: Assistant Engineer
Crystal Taliefero: Vocal Arrangement
Fred Tenny: Associate Engineer, Associate Producer
Gary Tole: Engineer
Leanne Ungar: Engineer
Brenda White-King: Choir, Chorus
Patrick Williams: Arranger
Bill Zampino: Choir Arrangement